Katherine's fitness and wellness story began at an early age as she witnessed close friends and family struggle with illnesses and addictions. After enduring a series of injuries and having to confront her own dependencies she became determined to take control of her life and body by learning how to keep it healthy and fit.  Not only did this begin her journey toward achieving physical health, and ultimately nutritional and spiritual health, but it also set the foundation for her mission to help others heal themselves, enrich their own lives, and achieve the ideal shape.    

Katherine has been featured in Elle Magazine, the NY Daily News, and Conde Nast Traveler for her fitness ingenuity and hailed as a "dance cardio diva" by the New York Times and Well and Good.  As a NASM certified trainer, she also holds certifications in Yoga (200 RYT), Pilates, TRX, Nutrition, SPX fitness (SLT), Zumba, and pre/post natal fitness and nutrition.  Katherine has consulted with and created classes for businesses and boutique studios in and around New York City, including WeWork, SLT and The Movement (MOVE by KGBody).  Prior to founding KGBody, clients enjoyed training with Katherine at the Tracy Anderson Method, Barry's Boot Camp, SLT, Reebok Sports Club and the Bari studio.

Today, Katherine is one of the most sought-after private and group fitness instructors and wellness consultants among Manhattan's elite and has developed a reputation in the industry for being a "Teachers teacher". She spends her free time devoted to educating our youth on the importance of proper fitness and nutrition while also advocating for health education reform. She is especially passionate about employing a healthy lifestyle as a means to combat and treat ADHD, Anxiety, and Addiction and helping others find and live a "Wellthy", balanced life.  Check out her teaching schedule on the group training page and stay informed through our newsletter. She looks forward to seeing your smiling faces and helping you achieve #youridealshape.